It is important for us to make the most of this unique project by promoting this cause which has a very strong symbolic meaning to us.

In 2004, our cousin Hubert passed away at the age 6 from a cancer called neuroblastoma. Following his tragic death, his mother Anne Gouin decided to create the association “Enfance et Cancer: Association Hubert Gouin” to help the research on infantile cancer. The association is supported by a committee of 7 doctors
specialised in infantile cancer, which is led by the Dr. Jean Michon, head of the paediatric oncology department at the Marie Curie Institute in Paris. For the past 15 years, the association has been organising sporting and cultural events to launch fundraising campaigns and stimulate the awareness of the lack of fundings in research on child cancer. All donations are distributed towards projects chosen by scientific committee. Our goal is to raise 12’000€ to finance the projects carried by the association in 2019.